Body Detox Bath, Body & Massage Oil


Our 3-in-1 Detox Bath, Body & Massage Emollient oil was designed to maximize the extraction of toxins, soothe the skin, revitalize the muscles & energize the senses without leaving a greasy feel!

Try it with our Detox Bath Salt Infusion for a truly therapeutic detox experience!



We recommend this emollient oil if you are doing a body cleanse, on a diet, recovering from a surgery or major injury or coming off a substance such as tobacco, alcohol or drugs. Use this bath oil once every other day for 5-7 days to help the body rid of harmful toxic buildup and assist in body recovery. You can also apply topically to areas of concern, such as liver, kidney or intestinal areas as well as the bottoms of the feet to help draw toxins out.



  • Bath: Add a few drops to your running bath water. For extra healing, use in conjunction with bath salts. Soak for at least 15 minutes & pat the body dry. So luxurious, no lotion is needed! Please use caution exiting the bath as the oil can make it slippery! Flush bath with hot water to clean.
  • Body: Apply as a natural moisturizer all over the body after your bath, shower or whenever needed. A little goes a long way so start with a few drops at a time. Oil should absorb completely & not sit on the skin.
  • Massage: This oil has an excellent glide & absorbs well. Perfect for treatment rooms with no shower facilities. A little goes a long way, so dispense a few drops at a time. Massage gently into the skin starting at the feet & working your way to the heart. Use the sheet or hot towels to absorb any excess oil off the body.


100% Pure & Natural

100% Cruelty Free

100% Free from Synthetics & Fillers

100% GMO & Gluten Free

100% Free from Synthetic Fragrances

90-100% Organic

100% Handcrafted with love in Las Vegas

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Sunflower Oil*, Jojoba Seed Oil*, Almond Oil*, Evening Primrose Oil*, Vitamin E*, Pure Essential Oils of Grapefruit, Rosemary, Lemon & Ginger *Organic


Not intended for oral consumption. External use only. Avoid eye contact. Keep out of the reach of children & pets. Full safety & usage details can be found on our website. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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